Cutting Tools Print

One of the most important factors in metal machining is the Cutting Tool used in the production.
Correct Cutting Tools, feeds and rates determine the capability to achieve the correct finish at the best
cycle time with minimum tool cost and maximize machining.
We at Global Machining Solutions found over the years that investing and partnering with Tool makers helps us achieve these objectives and eventually also improves our capabilities and knowledge.

We supply a wide production range of tools:
Medical Application:
Stainless Steel Drills for Dental implant surgery.

Metal Industry Applications:
End Mills for HSC and hard materials
End Mills for Graphite.
Roughing End Mills
Coolant Feed End Mills
End Mills for Aluminum
Drills and Kevlar End Mills.

Special Tools:
Special End Mills, Carbide and HSS
Special Step Drills with Independent Spirals
Extra Long Drills
Conical and Step Reamers
T Slot Cutters
Circular and T Shaped Forming Cutters
Forming Cutters

Profile Cutters
Special Taps also with long Shaft
Thread Rolling Tools
Special Thread Rolling Tools

Special solid carbide and HSS tools designed and engineered for specific requirements.
Also available:  Laser marking and tool coating services.

Requirements for special tooling such as special shapes, diameters, cuts, flutes, shanks length, etc., or modifications of existing standard items, will be given prompt, expert attention.
We invite inquiries - send blueprints, specifications, tolerances, material to be machined and we will fit tool material and geometry to your specific needs.

Special Tools are supplied regularly within 10-21 Days.