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If you are a physician and/or engineer/ inventor and you have an idea of a device solution to an unmet clinical challenge we can be your technical partner from A to Z.
Our team of engineers will take your idea and transform it to an actual drawing/device or prototype. As a medical development company we are in close contacts also with other physicians and research centers and can build a powerful brain storming and academic/medical team that will assess the potential success of the product/invention and promote its development.
We are able to:
1.    Initiate the patent process, and build preliminary device prototypes.
2.    Perform preliminary bench and animal testing.
3.    Perform further development that typically requires engaging a team of engineers who work closely with physician advisors                 to bring the concept through the “design-build-test-redesign” cycle of bench and animal testing and to be ready for clinical

4.    Obtain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and CE Approved Marking for the product.
5.    Attract potential investors/ angels.

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