About Us
Global Machining Solutions is a dynamic full line supplier of metal forming technologies, Forging, Casting, Stamping, and Machining.
The company operates several modern manufacturing facilities which are divided by function, material and purpose managed by an experienced staff alert to the latest improvements in technology and  equipped with the wide array of machinery:

CNC  4 Axis Machines ,CNC 5 Axis Machines ,
Single Spindle & Multi Spindle  CNC Machines,
Swiss Type automatic Screw Machines,
Transfer Machines for medium and large quantity manufacturing ,
High Precision Surface Grinding Machines & Center less Grinding.

Our broad range of machines are operated by highly skilled experts enable us to manufacture any desired part using the most efficient and cost saving method.

Manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving to meet the future challenges of industry’s next generation requirements at a competitive price.
Our staff assists customers in developing the ultimate machining solution with a total commitment to reducing product cost.
Emphasis is placed on low cost production of parts from very small to large volume
runs as well as on maintaining a uniformly high degree of dimensional accuracy.
The quality obtained is in line with strict international standards.

In addition to our own manufacturing capabilities we offer  technical assistance and consulting to companies and producers around the globe, from tooling and fixture design and production thru prototyping and first article manufacturing , cutting tool assistance and purchase and up to total one time project consulting or turn key projects.

Our Consulting and Technology Sharing program (OSEC) is based on total commitment to success and is priced as a percentage of the total savings or percentage of elevated revenue directly derived from our services.

Customer Service:
One of our most important founding principles is customer service and support. This means fulfilling individual customer needs. This is accomplished by establishing flexible operations systems which allows products to be easily tailored to specific needs and yet delivered in a timely fashion. It also means providing quick responses to inquiries – whether technical or commercial in nature. We pride ourselves in giving accurate answers to questions within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.
We are constantly working to improve our already high standards of quality, performance and reliability backed by service and support.