Global Machining Solutions is a leading subcontractor for Aerospace Parts, Engine Components and other parts for civil and military Aircraft, Launch Vehicles and Satellites.
Precision, quality, delivery and service from start to finished part. Global Machining Solutions will turn your design concept into a successful product.

We pride ourselves for offering competitive prices, without compromising quality and produce a wide variety of complex mechanical parts made from various aerospace materials, whether hog out, castings or forgings.

Machined materials:
Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, Magnesium, Stainless Steels,
PH- Steels, High temp. St.Steels etc.,
Inconel 625 & 718, A286,
Tungsten, Cobalt base Alloys.

Our production also includes supplementary processes such as :
 Aluminum Coating: Chemical Conversion and all kinds of Anodizing
Stainless Steel: Cleaning & Passivation
All types of painting including Dry Lubrication

Other coatings:
Electro less Nickel
Silver coating
Cadmium coating
Sand Blast & Bead Blast
Heat Treatments (vacuum) & Nitriding
FPI,MPI & Radiographic Inspection