Engineering and Consulting

Global Machining Solutions offer specific machining and production Engineering Services for Entrepreneurs and Companies of any size.
We specialize in Machining Process Development, Manufacturing Engineering, and OEM Consulting. Whether you need to enhance an existing product, reduce manufacturing costs of your products, or develop a new Machining Method, we can meet your needs.

Manufacturing Engineering.
If you're a manufacturer who needs to Machine a new product, we can help. We can work seamlessly with your existing manufacturing structure. Documentation can be tailored to your specifications, and Machining can be governed according to your capabilities. It's as though we are an extension of your Engineering Department.

OEM Consulting.
Manufactures need help from time to time to solve difficult problems. We are able to help manufactures solve mechanical engineering questions related to Machining, Fixtures , tooling, cutting tools , mechanical design, documentation, product testing, and much more.

Product Prototyping and First Article manufacturing
Global Machining Solutions operates state of the art production facilities; we can fabricate prototypes using our own machines while developing and optimizing customer production thus enabling the customer to learn from our experience at our cost.

n Site Machining and Engineering Consulting Program
This program was specially developed to meet the need of fabricators and OEM'S wanting to improve their own business in house and to avoid their need to outsource.
We at Global Machining Solutions are aware of the changing world environment and the tough competition facing every manufacturer especially in the metal forming business- our goal is to help fabricators improve their production methods and to able to compete and profit.
We offer the OSEC Program in which our engineers and experts will come to you and work with your team at your location.
Utilizing the internet and CAD/CAM systems we can provide preliminary advice and assessment based only on drawings and technical discussions.
Some of our clients do not need more than a small push towards the right direction and continue themselves, others will need further assistance that will require our personnel to visit customer facility and work together with the local team.
We have the knowledge to improve machining operations and reduce cycle time.
We have the knowledge and capability to design and manufacture tooling and Fixtures suited specifically for your project.
We have the knowledge and the capability to design special cutting tools for your production suited to your machines, we can also supply these tools if required.
Our Service is designed to work with you, only if you profit we profit, our fees are based on results only.