Orthopedic Implants and Instruments

For the last 6 years, Global Machining Solutions is efficiently catering the orthopedic implant needs of patients & practitioners as well as Orthopedic Devices and Instruments. Our extensive industry experience helps us to bridge the gap between requirement & supply by innovating newer production methods of orthopedic instruments and implants.

Production Range
Spinal and Knee Implants
Produced according to specific drawings or specific medical MRI scan, materials may vary from Stainless steel to Cobalt Chrome or any other material defined by clinicians.

Tubular Fixators
High quality Tubular Fixates that facilitate quick and easy implantation in orthopedic surgery.
All instruments are available as per industry defined standard and in various specifications.

Hip Prosthesis
Several types of Hip Prosthesis for Orthopedic Applications.
These are available in sterile packs and are ready to use by surgeons.

Bone Plates
All Bone Plate products are manufactured to the most precise tolerances and are finished and polished at the best quality.

Bone Screws
We manufacture different types of screws: Cortical Screws, Cancellous Screws, Cannulated Screws, Malleolar Screws, ect.
Screws are available produced from AISI 316L or any other material specified by customer.

Custom Prototype Manufacturing and Engineering:
R&D Prototype Departments are available along with extensive capacity of production equipment to support the manufacturing of your component or device from initial prototype through all steps of FDA approval and full production requirements. Our experienced engineering staff develops the manufacturing processes to provide you with the most cost effective, quality products. Our manufacturing and finishing technologies enable our customers to bring products to market that might otherwise be considered cost prohibitive or unable to be manufactured using standard available manufacturing methods.