Global Machining Solutions Dental Division manufactures Dental Abutments, Dental Screws, Custom Dental Implants
and Stainless Steel Drills for Dental implant Surgery.

Our Products are manufactured to a very strict tolerance. Thus enabling clinicians to achieve predictable outcomes that
are directly related to the tightness of the tolerances – the tighter the fit, the greater the stability and the lower the
likelihood of loosening and movement.

Manufacturing sites are equipped with the newest, most advanced machines, cutting tools and control equipment
available. Manufacturing processes meet or exceed applicable manufacturing regulatory requirements.

Custom implants and abutments- special sizes and shapes.

Global Machining Solutions also maintains a state-of-the-art prototype and custom product facility to custom-produce
components needed by clinicians to help patients with unique needs.

We are able to manufacture a wide variety of Dental Implants and Accessories. We are able to make Implant styles
and compatible parts similar to most major Implant Companies, or unique designs according to clinicians engineering
and drawings.

• Various Surface treatments available: TPS, Sand-blasted, RBM, HA,

• Wide variety of Titanium options: Pure Titanium, grade 2, grade 4, grade 5